1. How do I contact Long Lines?

Long lines can be contacted four ways:

Customer Support: 712-271-4000

Email: info@longlines.biz

In Person: Find a Long Lines store near you.

Long Lines
PO Box 67
Sergeant Bluff, IA 51054

2. Where are you located?

Click here to locate a Long Lines store near you!

3. What are your hours?

Customer Care: Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 6:00pm

Click here to find a store near you and view business hours!

4. How do I find out if service is available to my home?

Please fill out the check service availability form on this web site, or call our office at 866-901-5664 Our customer service reps will be able to tell immediately if cable has ever been connected to your home. If so, we can service it. However, if your home has never had cable service before, one of our technicians will stop by to see if we can service your location. The tech will not have to come in your home at this time, so there is no need for you to be there. He will then notify our office of his findings, and we will contact you.

5. What channels are available?

Click here to view our channel lineup

6. How soon can I get my cable connected?

If your home has never had cable, the length of time depends on your location and will be estimated on an individual case basis.

7. How long must I wait for the installer the day of installation?

Your time is valuable! That's why we set up appointments.

8. What if I forget the date of my installation?

Feel free to contact our office anytime you have a question. You can request to have our office call you a half hour before your install time.

9. If I miss the installer, what should I do?

You know you missed the installer if you find a yellow tag on your front door saying "Sorry we missed you!" Call our office and we will send the installer back that day if possible, or reschedule your appointment for a more convenient time.

Internet Speeds FAQs

1. How fast is it?

Long Lines offers the fastest Internet speeds with download capabilities up to 1GB! We offer speeds and prices that will fit your particular needs.

*Actual speeds will vary. Factors that affect downstream data speed include: overall network traffic; the computer's performance and configuration; accessing non-cached or cached data; location and configuration of the accessed server; performance characteristics of each component of the data network; the number of users, and all users' compliance with MyACTV's Acceptable Use Policy, available at http://www.myactv.net/acceptable.html. Upstream data transfer speed is limited to 1 Mbps.

2. What does a faster connection do for me?

Subscribing to a faster Internet package will allow you to download files quicker, stream movies seamlessly without the need to buffer content. If you have several people in your household you will be able to have multiple sessions going at the same time and everyone will be able to have the bandwidth they need.

Internet - Installation FAQs

1. Are there additional installation or setup fees?

Installation fees may be applied if your home or business is not wired for Cable TV.

2. Can I get Long Lines in my neighborhood?

Long Lines Internet is available everywhere that Long Lines Cable TV is available. There are some additional areas where we provide Internet. Please use the Service Availability form or call us at 866-901-5664.

3. Does Long Lines install new cable in my neighborhood?

Long Lines is constantly expanding our service coverage area. Please use the Service Availability form or call us at 866-901-5664.

4. What's involved in the installation process?

While it may only be necessary to install a splitter on the existing cable, due to the potential for introducing "noise" or interference into your cable system, a qualified technician will perform the installation of the splitter and cable outlet. If user-installed splitters are already present, the technician will perform quality assurance tests before deeming the service operational, and, if necessary, will rewire the outlet to meet proper specifications

Internet - Equipment FAQs

1. What hardware and software do I need to use Long Lines?

Software: Microsoft Windows Vista or later. Mac OS X 10.2 or higher.Hardware*: 

Hardware: You will need a two-way, DOCSIS 3.0 or higher compliant cable modem, if you are subscribing to a DOCSIS 3.0 service, with a small rental fee.

*Hardware must meet or exceed minimum requirements defined by the manufacturer to run the particular operating system.

2. What are the minimum system requirements?

Microsoft Windows Vista or laterMac OS X 10.2 or higher

Hardware must meet or exceed minimum requirements defined by the manufacturer to run the particular operating system.

Requirements for 300M Ultra:

Software:Your desktop or laptop should be running a Microsoft Window 7 or above, or an Apple Supported OS X 10 operating system. You should use a recent version of one of the following browsers for the best speeds: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

Hardware:You can use a Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable to facilitate your wired connection. Your desktop, laptop, router or any other device within your home network should have Gigabit Ethernet interfaces or adaptors for wired connections or have Wi-Fi adapters capable of 300Mbps speeds.

What is the difference between Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet?

Speed of Fast Ethernet is 100Mbps

Speed of Gigabit Ethernet is 1000Mbps

3. What is a cable modem?

A cable modem is an external device that connects to your computer. Cable modems translate radio frequency (RF) signals to and from the cable plant into Internet Protocol (IP); the communications protocol spoken by all computers connected to the Internet.

4. Can I attach a server to your network?

It depends. The residential Long Lines Broadband service is for private, home use only and does not support or allow servers of any kind. However, Long Lines has several levels of Business service available that do allow the kind of connectivity a server requires.

Television - Programming FAQs

1. Do you have a program guide for your channels?

  • Tune to channel 4 to view our 24-hour continuous scrolling list of our basic channels
  • Visit the TV Guide Website and enter your zip code for up to date program listings.
  • Add a digital cable box or DVR with the Interactive Program Guide - and always know what's showing!

2. How do I order PPV?

Please tune to cable channel 350 for ordering information and previews of pay-per-view featured movies, or press the menu button on your remote and go to the PPV icon.

Or visit the PPV section of this web site.

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3. What channels do you offer?

View our channel line-up.

Television - Equipment FAQs

1. Do I need a converter box?

If your TV does not have an internal QAM tuner, you will need some type of converter for your TV to receive our 100% digital signal. We have several options available on our equipment page.

2. How do I get a remote control for my converter?

Remotes are available from our office. 

3. I would like to hook up cable to additional TVs in my house. Is there any charge?

No! There is absolutely NO MONTHLY CHARGE for extra outlets. They are free with your cable service! There is a one time installation charge if you elect to have one of Long Lines' technicians activate the outlet. If your TV or VCR is not cable ready and you need an additional converter, there will be a monthly rental fee.

4. What should I do if I experience technical problems with my cable?

Please refer to our online troubleshooting guide. You may fill out a Technical Repair form online and submit it to us. Always feel free to contact our office via our technical assistance line 24 hours a day/7 days a week at 866-901-5661.