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Our Ethernet transport method provides scalable bandwidth, which means it is easy to increase or decrease bandwidth in one Megabit per Second (Mbps) increments with no service interruptions. With our fiber optic network, Long Lines is able to offer the most up-to-date technology for your communication needs:

  • Connect to office networks and the internet with up to 10GB speeds
  • Combine Internet and Voice over one broadband line
  • Survey network features through custom reports, alerts and notifications
  • Link network equipment and phone systems to IP Telephony

As an operating business, Long Lines understands the value of service that is reliable, adaptable and dependable. The Internet serves as a vital tool for any business. Unreliable connections can mean the difference between failure and success. In the Siouxland area, when other Internet Service Providers are out of service, we are not.


Long Lines has you covered. We are multi-homed to several providers, which means if one of the carriers experiences technical difficulties, you will be seamlessly switched to one of our three other providers without any interruption to your service.


Long Lines guarantees 5 MB or faster upload and download speeds across our network lines at all times. Other providers have varying connection speeds when too many users are on at one time, but the switching technology we offer will provide a private Ethernet connection for your business.


Long Lines offers bandwidth that can easily be increased or decreased without the use of additional circuits. We can adapt to your communication needs. Your broadband service can change as quickly as your business does.

How Valuable is Internet to Your Business? During a crisis, slow Internet speeds and unreliable connections can mean the difference between failure and success. Answer the following questions, specific to your business and company practices:

  • How many times per day do you use the Internet as a critical business tool?
  • Do you have the tendency to work with large files, including uploading and downloading files?
  • Have you noticed slower speeds during certain times of the day?
  • Do you find yourself waiting on your current Internet connection? How valuable is your time?
  • Would you like to have the best service and most reliable performance from your Internet provider?

Long Lines offers solutions to your network problems with our broadband products and services. Contact us today to learn about Ethernet pricing.

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