High-Speed Internet

High-speed internet is a must. It allows us to work from anywhere, access a wide variety of entertainment, and connect with others around the globe. Of course, to get the best high-speed internet, you need a dedicated and trustworthy provider. That's where Long Lines Broadband comes in. Serving the residents of Iowa, Long Lines Broadband offers reliable internet for an affordable price. Our range of plans ensures you get exactly what you need.

Packaging and Pricing

Unlike other providers, we don't require an annual contract. Instead, we offer high-speed internet on a monthly basis. When you choose Long Lines Broadband, you can count on the following benefits:

  • 24/7 technical support 
  • Local content portal
  • Remote access to email

Home Wi-Fi

Nowadays, home Wi-Fi is considered a necessity. Our home Wi-Fi packages come with various features that make life more convenient and internet use safer:

  • Management app  
  • Secure connection
  • Connection steering
  •  Latest Wi-Fi protocols
  • Wi-Fi noise cancelation
  • Video stream priority
  • Extendable network

Protection Plan

Despite the great things the internet offers, some bad actors want to take advantage of your connection. Fortunately, Long Lines Broadband offers plans with several tiers of data loss, spyware, and password protection.

Speed Test

How fast is your high-speed internet? You can find out with a speed test. So, how does it work? First, the speed test finds the closest Iowa server. Then, it opens multiple connections and tries to download a predetermined amount of data. When the test is done, it can tell you how much of the network was needed to complete the download and how much time was required.

How Do Devices Affect Internet Speed?

The more devices connected to a single modem, the slower your internet speed. Why does this happen? There's a limited amount of bandwidth that gets split among the connected devices. The more devices, the smaller the portion each gets.

What Are Upload and Download Speeds?

Speed tests measure both upload and download speeds. Uploading is when you transfer data from your device to the internet. Downloading is when you transfer data from the internet to your device. Uploading is always slower than downloading.

What Are Gateway Tests?

Your "gateway" is the hardware that provides you with high-speed internet. When you connect a computer or other device to it, a gateway or ping test is performed to gauge the quality of the connection.

How Does Coverage Work?

Your modem provides internet within a certain radius, which is why you can't connect when you get too far away. This area is called coverage. Certain materials can interfere with coverage, creating weak or dead spots where your speeds are affected.

Bundle Today

Long Lines Broadband is proud to provide Iowa residents with top-tier high-speed internet service. If you're looking for reliable connections and fast speeds, we're the provider to partner with. For more information, give us a call at 866-901-5664 or contact us online.

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