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Speed tests done through your browser were fairly accurate when speeds were only 50MB or 100MB, but now with speeds racing up to 1GB your browser just can’t handle it. Your browser may have several processes going on that could slow down the results. Also, your browser attempts to find the shortest route from your home to the speed test server. But much like like finding a location using Google Maps the route taken might head down some questionable streets and not take into account any new road construction that can slow you down. Using the app helps eliminate these issues and give you the best results.

Accurate Testing Requirements

Using the app is the first step in getting accurate results. The next is making sure you’re testing on a computer with a wired connection to your modem.

Why A Wired Connection?

The Internet speed that comes from Long Lines can only be testing accurately with a direct connection. Testing through your home WiFi has far too many variables to call it accurate. Long Lines provides the speed TO your home. Your WiFi is something that you have IN your home. WiFi signals are affected by everything from stainless steel appliances, to microwaves, to baby monitors. Walls can degrade the signal or even block it from some areas in your home. All these things are obviously beyond Long Lines’ control. So testing with these obstacles can not give an accurate result.

Doesn’t Long Lines Supply My WiFi?

Yes, and No. If you have a Long Lines WiFi modem we provide the equipment to give you wireless connection in your home. The combination modem/router unit provides coverage, but it’s still affected by all the other devices in your home that Long Lines has no control over. We try to place your router in the best location in your home, but the router is much like a garden hose spraying water. The farther you get from the hose the weaker the stream gets and anything that gets in the way will block the stream. The same is true with your WiFi signal.

Can’t WiFi cover my entire house?

Yes it can. Technology is always jumping forward in leaps and bounds. Today, Long Lines offers SMART WiFi. This combines a base Gigacenter (capable of handling speeds up to 1GB) with remote Mesh units that are strategically placed in your home to rebroadcast the WiFi signal to keep the strength to the highest possible. You can find out more about SMART WiFi here. If you have questions about your signal or about SMART WiFi, please contact Customer CARE. They would love to talk with you about it.  712-271-4000

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