Diagnose WiFi issues for free using your mobile phone! Long Lines is now offering customers a free app to troubleshoot and fix WiFi issues in your home. You can use the app 24/7 to get immediate help improving your network.

When should you use HomeNet Help?

When you need to troubleshoot any WiFi home network issues, such as:

  • Speed issues
  • Video buffering
  • WiFi coverage issues
  • Devices dropping off network
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Download App

Download the HomeNet Help app on your device and follow the on-screen directions to start diagnosing your home wireless network. You can use the results to fix the network issues and improve your WiFi experience. Or contact us with the ID provided by the app and we can take it from there. Download the HomeNet Help app on your Android or iOS mobile device.

If you're still experiencing issues, don't worry, we're here to help. Contact our local Customer Care team at 712-271-4000. Please have the ID provided by the app ready so our representatives can assist you faster.