Unlimited that important?

Unlimited Data!

Unlimited Data.... is that important?

Everyone loves and needs the internet. We all spend several hours each day working on the web, browsing the web and using it to communicate with friends, family and business associates. Some use it for entertainment by gaming or streaming video content. Others rely on it for their work-from-home situation. The demand for internet usage has grown exponentially over the past few years.

The available content on the internet is also growing minute by minute. Those old Standard Definition videos were replaced by High-Def versions and now things are moving into the 4K realm. This means more data and more speed is required to enjoy these options.

Even simple browsing on the internet is requiring more data. Websites are rich with visual content and each photo and video that appears on your screen is eating away at your data. Our consumption of bandwidth is becoming insatiable.

That’s why unlimited data from your service provider is so vital today. If they put data caps on your internet plan, they are just hoping you’ll go over your limit each month so they can stick you with high overage charges and make lots of extra money. If you keep going over your limit they force you into a higher paying plan with a slightly higher data ceiling, or they offer you unlimited data at a ridiculous added fee.

Long Lines Broadband has Unlimited Data INCLUDED on all our plans... at NO extra charge. It’s part of our commitment to helping our customers enjoy all the possibilities of the internet without worrying about extra fees or exceeding any limits... and we keep all our plans at everyday low prices. No gimmicks, no contracts, no surprises.

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