Upgrade Questions?

Answers to questions about the new Flight Video Streaming


FAQs about Flight Video Upgrade

Q: What is Flight Video?
A: Flight Video is Live TV made simple. With the Long Lines Flight Video service you can view your subscription channels on a smart TV, PC, tablet, smartphone or streaming device like Apple TV or Fire TV Stick. In addition, the cloud-based DVR feature allows you to set recordings via an app on any compatible device – including Smart TVs, laptops, computers, tablets and smartphone – and watch content anywhere in your home at anytime you want.

Q: How is Flight Video different than Cable TV?
A: Flight Video uses an app on a compatible device (such as a smart TV, PC, Tablet, smartphone, or streaming device like Apple TV or Fire Stick) and delivers it to your device using your home WiFi signal. On the other hand, Cable TV is delivered directly to your TV using a wired cable line and cable box for each TV.

Q: When will Flight Video be available in my area?
A: Flight Video is now available across Long Lines Broadband territory now.

Q: How does Flight Video work?
A: Flight Video is IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, which means television content is delivered over the Internet. Flight Video allows you to watch the same programming you currently enjoy on cable TV via the Internet – so you can make almost any screen in your home a TV screen – whether it’s a smart TV, PC, tablet or smartphone.

Q: Can I keep my traditional cable TV service?
A: We will be transitioning all Long Lines Cable TV customers to Flight Video. We will no longer be offering traditional linear cable TV service which requires a cable box. Existing Cable TV customers will be contacted directly when Flight Video service is available for their home. Television is going through the same transition as the music industry did years ago. You used to listen to songs on LP records. Then, as technology improved everything changed to cassette tapes, and then on to CDs and today most music is obtained via streaming services. Television (video viewing) has transitioned also. Decades ago programing was delivered over-the-air and every home needed an antenna to receive the signal. Then cable TV came along with a much expanded channel list and delivered to your home through copper wires. Now as technology has advanced and internet speeds have increased, delivering a video signal to your home via the internet and your home Wifi is now possible and preferred. Just as with the Music Industry, those older technologies were no longer supported by the equipment manufacturers, the video equipment you now have is soon to become non-supported by our suppliers. That is why we have spend many months searching for the best solution for our customers. Flight Video is and outstanding option for all Long Lines Broadband customers.

Q: What streaming devices are compatible with Flight Video?
A: Flight Video is compatible with popular streaming devices including Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV; Android and Apple phones and tablets; Smart TVs that have built-in Amazon Fire TV or Android TV; as well as computers using Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers.

Q: How do I watch Flight Video?
A: Once Flight Video is activated on your account, you’ll be able to download the Flight Video app to your smart TV, streaming device, or mobile app to watch Live TV from any screen in your home – whether it’s a smart TV, PC, tablet or smartphone.

Q: Can I watch Flight Video when I’m not home?
A: No, Flight Video, like Cable TV is for in-home viewing only.

Q: Do I use the same account to log in for Flight Video, TV Everywhere, and the Long Lines payment?
A: Logins for Flight Video, TV Everywhere, and Long Lines Broadband's online customer payment portal are each created separately by the customer. Changing any information – such as a password – on one will not change the others.

Q: I don’t have a streaming account. How do I set one up?
A: Once customers sign up for Flight Video, they will create a username and then can download the Flight Video app and stream via Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Android TV.

  • Visit to create your free Amazon account. Note that you will need to provide an email address or mobile phone number.
  • Visit to create your Apple TV account. Note that you will need to provide an email address.
  • Visit Google Play to create an account for viewing Android TV.

Q: I don’t have an email address but it’s required for a Flight Video account. How do I set one up?
A: Premium email services (such as Gmail,, and Yahoo), are available at no cost and offer an array of functionalities.

To create an email account with one of these free providers, visit:

Q: What channels are available with Flight Video?
A: For the most part, your channel offerings will remain the same, but the channel locations on your lineup will change.

Q. Will I be able to transfer my DVR recordings to Flight Video?
A: No, unfortunately customers will not be able to transfer their DVR recordings over to Flight Video. Since your current recording reside in your DVR and the new Cloud DVR is internet based, there is no way to transfer them.

Q: Can I use my own modem?
A: Long Lines Internet customers with Flight Video can use their own modem, provided it is Docsis 3.0 or higher. However, we strongly urge you to us a Long Lines Broadband modem. Why? It's not so we can charge you more, it's so we can support you better. If you have your own modem and you experience any issues, we may not be able to help you. There are so many modems on the market and our technicians and customer service reps cannot possibly know everything about each device. We use a certain group of devices that our techs and reps are highly trained to troubleshoot.

Q: How do I make the switch from Cable TV to Flight Video?
A: To start the transition process, please call Customer Care at 712-271-4000 and they will help you.

Q. What if I don’t have Long Lines Internet service? Can I still get Flight Video?
A. As long as you have an internet service of 50MB or faster download, you will be able to have Flight Video.

Q: Who should I contact if for assistance with Flight Video?
A: As always, contact our Customer CARE team 24/7 at 712-271-4000.