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Whether you own a hotel, bar, restaurant or other type of business, you want to create an inviting and welcoming mood that will entice customers. Create an atmosphere that will make your employees, customers and clients feel comfortable.

Looking for entertainment for your waiting room? Or the latest news and weather for your patrons? Long Lines Cable has what you are looking for and is tailored to meet the needs of your business and your customers.

With FREE installation from our expert technicians and customer care that is local and convenient, Long Lines Cable service just can’t be beat!

Long Lines offers different cable rate options to best suit the needs of your business

Standard Cable Rate

Our standard cable rate is focused on the non-hospitality businesses. Typically, these businesses have one, centralized location with one to two Cable hook-ups needed.

Bulk Cable Rate

Our bulk cable rate is designed for multi-dwelling unit (MDU) businesses. These businesses typically have 12 or more locations with multiple Cable hook-ups needed.

Business Cable Rate

Our business cable rate is intended for the hospitality-driven businesses like: hotels, restaurants and bars. These establishments typically have seating capacity of 25 or more, and tend to broadcast specific sporting events or special interest broadcasts

Our Cable channel lineups vary by service area, please ask your Long Lines Sales Representative for the appropriate channel lineup for your location.

Our professional sales staff will help you find the fit that's right for you. Contact our Business Team now for a free quote.

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