Long Lines Air

Wireless Rural Broadband


Rural customers can now enjoy High Speed Internet!

Long Lines Broadband is now offering High Speed Internet to rural customers. This technology is often referred to as Fixed Wireless. Using towers in Salix, Sloan, Soldier and soon in Sgt. Bluff, we are able to offer true broadband services to customers who have been struggling with little to no service options or have been paying high prices for marginal satellite service.



The wireless internet signal must travel in line-of-site. This means in forde for you to receive service your location must be able to "see" the tower in Sloan or Salix. By mounting a receiver on the roof of your home will allow a much greater distance from the tower to still receive a powerful signal.

Things such as trees and buildings, etc. may obstruct the direct line-of-site view and then service is not available. However, often mounting the receiver on a pole away from these obstructions will still provide service.

A Long Lines Broadband technician will come and survey your property to determine whether or not we are able to provide service.

Whole Home WiFi

Your Long Lines Air system requires a GigaCenter WiFi router in your home. This will provide you with coverage throughout your house with no dead spots. The main router provides excellent coverage and the smaller "mesh" units fill in any troublesome spots.

The GigaCenter also allows Long Lines to assist you in any troubleshooting that may be needed.

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Long Lines AIR 50

Speeds up to 50MB - $89.95/mo.

Long Lines AIR 25

Speeds up to 25MB - $69.95/mo.

Additional Equipment

Air WiFi - $14.95/mo.

Air WiFi Mesh Extender - $2.00/mo.

Air Extender P2PWAN - $9.95/mo.

Air Extender P2 PLAN - $9.95/mo.

Installation - $199.95-one time fee